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The Florida Airports Council serves as the voice for Florida’s airports now and into the future. Our airports accommodate more than 176 million passengers annually from all over the globe, generating significant economic impact while creating more than 1.4 million jobs across the state. One of the Florida Airports Council’s top priorities is serving as a resource for state lawmakers when they are considering legislation that could affect Florida's airports or the residents and visitors that depend on them for travel and commerce.


2020 Legislative Priorities to Keep Florida’s Airports Soaring

High Priority:

  1. Aviation Work Program State Funding for Airport Development Grant Program - FAC supports state funding for airport development that is no less than that which is proposed by FDOT in the Tentative Work Plan for 2020/21.  2019/20 Final Budget - Aviation Development Grant Program funded at $266,471,920. FDOT estimated budget for 2020/21 - $274,623,935, which includes $25,000,467 for spaceports.
  2. PFAS - The FDEP is in the process of performing investigations at a number of federal, state, and local facilities that use or have used PFAS to determine the presence of PFAS in soil and groundwater at those facilities. FDEP intends to take action to require further assessment and possible cleanup of these compounds, if found. PFAS is a family of several thousand chemicals that are used in a wide variety of products and processes, including firefighting foams(AFFF).  FAC is seeking an exemption from the costs associated with any investigation or clean-up as these chemicals are required by FAA for ARFF.
  3. 2019 HB905 FDOT/Engineering - Certified Engineering Inspection (CEI) Services required in addition to design Engineer of Record (EOR)  - As identified in the final bill staff analysis, this bill will likely have a negative fiscal impact on local governments. Airports are seeking an exemption from this provision again this year as Seaports did in the 2019 Bill. FAC has a Senate Bill sponsor for an exemption for airports.  We are seeking a House sponsor.
  4. Turo/Peer-to-peer vehicle transactions - FAC will work with industry stakeholders in order to seek legislation that ensures parity for this line of business. 2019 legislation was proposed by Senator Keith Perry relating to Vehicles for Rent or Lease. The legislation did not pass.
  5. Real ID – Real ID (authentication/issuance of state driver’s licenses and identity documents) will be a requirement for all travelers in the U.S., effective October 1, 2020. FL Airports and the state need to be prepared for how this will impact the traveling public as all U.S. states, including those with Florida as a major destination, are not in compliance(Florida is 90% + compliant).


       6. Elimination of Tax on Aircraft Sales and Leases - FAC supports the elimination of the state's tax on the sale or lease of all aircraft in the State of Florida.


       7. Aviation Fuel Taxes - FAC is committed to a sustainable State Transportation Trust Fund, with stable, reliable aviation revenue sources sufficient to provide for the increasing capital and development needs of Florida’s commercial and general aviation airports. FAC is opposed to any further attempts to waive, reduce or suspend existing aviation fuel taxes on a local or statewide basis.

       8. Concealed Weapons or Open Carry of Weapons in Airport Terminals - FAC is OPPOSED to any legislation related to concealed weapons and firearms which alters the areas of an airport where a person is prohibited from openly carrying a handgun or from carrying a concealed weapon or firearm.

       9. Legislation related to Special Districts (added 9/30/2019)

Florida State

Florida is home to 129 airports across the state. Each and every airport in Florida, regardless of size, provides that community’s access to the global economy. Florida’s airports must continue to be developed, improved, and expanded to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business environment.

The Florida Airports Council is committed to serving as a partner and a resource to our elected officials at the local, state, and national levels. If we can provide you with information or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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