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State Legislative Priorities

The Florida Airports Council serves as the voice for Florida’s airports now and into the future. Our airports accommodate more than 176 million passengers annually from all over the globe, generating significant economic impact while creating more than 1.4 million jobs across the state. One of the Florida Airports Council’s top priorities is serving as a resource for state lawmakers when they are considering legislation that could affect Florida's airports or the residents and visitors that depend on them for travel and commerce.

FAC’s Legislative Priorities Keep Florida’s Airports Soaring


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  • Aviation Work Program State Funding for the Airport Development Grant Program – FAC supports robust state funding for airport development in the FDOT aviation work program.  These funds are critical for airports across the state as they plan, build and maintain aviation facilities – all while creating jobs and generating strong return on investment.
  • Aviation Fuel Taxes – FAC supports the continued collection of aviation fuel taxes as an important method to support Florida’s increasing capital and development needs.  Florida’s airports must be able to count on stable, reliable aviation revenue sources sufficient to meet heightened needs of operators and passengers.
  • Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions for Airport Leases – FAC supports legislation that makes it clear that ad valorem tax exemptions apply to airport leases, both public and private, when the leased property is used toward a public purpose. While clarifying existing law, this legislation does not change the current tax status of any airport areas.
  • Transportation Network Companies – FAC opposes legislation that would restrict the ability for airports to operate secure and effective ground transportation.  This includes legislation that might unfairly prevent airports from managing their own facilities and setting reasonable fees that meet their needs.
  • PFAS - FAC supported 2022 legislation that requires DEP to adopt by rule statewide cleanup target levels for PFAS in drinking water, groundwater, and soil using specified statutory criteria, with priority given to PFOA and PFOS, if the United States Environmental Protection Agency does not finalize its standards for PFAS in drinking water, groundwater, and soil by January 1, 2025. Any rules proposed by DEP must first be approved by the Legislature before they go into effect.
  • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) - FAC will monitor any legislation that would  encompass Advanced Air Mobility including the development of an AAM Study Task Force to evaluate and assess the current state of development of the AAM industry. The AAM industry is actively investigating and implementing areas to operate throughout the state.
  • Aircraft Sales and Lease Tax - FAC supports the repeal of the tax on the sale or lease of aircraft. Florida continues to lose long-term revenue from the aviation industry as buyers take delivery of aircraft in neighboring states to avoid Florida’s sales tax.  By eliminating the tax, FL could generate millions of dollars in economic growth and create hundreds of new jobs.

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From the individual passenger to the federal level, everyone benefits from the global connections and economic value provided by Florida’s airports. Below are FAC’s 2022/23 Federal Priorities:

  • Airport Improvement Plan - FAC supports congressional authorization of a strong Airport Improvement Plan (AIP) with no less than the current year’s level of funding.
  • Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) Reimbursement - FAC supports the Explosive Detection Systems reimbursement. Congress’s efforts in ensuring that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) finalize the required review process that was outlined in FY ‘16 House and Senate appropriations report language directing the TSA to implement the required review process and propose sufficient funding to begin reimbursement to airports. FAC requests that Congress appropriate the remaining funds for the claims TSA has validated in the amount of $58 million.

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Florida is home to 129 airports across the state. Each and every airport in Florida, regardless of size, provides that community’s access to the global economy. Florida’s airports must continue to be developed, improved, and expanded to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business environment.

The Florida Airports Council is committed to serving as a partner and a resource to our elected officials at the local, state, and national levels. If we can provide you with information or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

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