Florida’s Airports: Economic Engines for the State

Florida’s airports were soaring to new heights before the COVID-19 pandemic – they welcomed in over half of all state visitors and served a record 176 million passengers in 2019. The pandemic dramatically slowed air travel and created unprecedented challenges, devastating Florida’s aviation industry. Florida’s airports adjusted to the new reality quickly, shifting their budgets and implementing new procedures to keep the public safe and healthy. In some ways, they are now serving passengers even better than they did before COVID-19 – and air traffic is soaring once again.

From the individual up to the state level, everyone benefits from Florida’s airports and the global connections and economic value each one provides. Florida’s airports are an economic engine – the aviation industry generates $175 billion in economic activity and creates jobs for 1.4 million Floridians. Florida’s airports are essential to our state’s economic growth, but they also remain susceptible to the lasting impacts caused by COVID-19. To keep achieving great heights and meeting the needs of tomorrow’s business environment, Florida’s airports must continue to be developed, improved and expanded.



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