WEBINAR: COVID-19 - Simulating Airport Challenges and Potential Mitigation Measures
Date: Thursday, August 20 - Thursday, August 20 2020
Location: n/a
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This Webinar is for FAC Members. Please use the link to register. Webinar start time was 11:30 a.m. but has been changed to 11:00 a.m.

In the current situation with COVID-19, there is no practical experience with how to solve the problem of social distancing. We don’t know what mandates will come next. With simulation, we can play out different scenarios and quickly learn from the results.

In this webinar presented by Hans Dorries, a member of the Training Committee, you will learn how to use computer simulation to understand a new situation and make better decisions.

We will focus on airport terminals and discuss the following:

1) Examples of preliminary analysis results related to COVID-19 impacts

2) How to use computer simulation for better operational decision-making

3) Simulation of hypothetical airport terminal scenarios

The restrictions caused by COVID-19 have significantly reduced the number of operations at Florida airports. Passenger demand is currently low, and the impact on terminal capacity is not evident. As passenger demand continues to increase, the terminal capacity may reach a saturation point. Passenger demand may reach a point where it is larger than the available terminal capacity under COVID-19 restrictions. Computer simulation helps you identify the trigger points at which the terminal may not meet the passenger demand. In this webinar we will discuss some examples.

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